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Howdy Howdy! I'm Tyra and I like to think I'm certainly something. This is my site that's always a work in progress, I wanted to make it to post my art, I also wanted to make it to get away from social media. This site is my own little corner, a place to express myself fully, a personal museum. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan and I'm a big fan of all things on the internet. I grew up here and I'll probably continue to grow here! (sorry it's metal gear themed i can't help myself it'll change over time i promise)

♡ ♡ ♡Pages I like!!! ♡ ♡ ♡



I made a video game talk page! I'm gonna try to figure out how to add comments and I'll move some other stuff too! I want to see other peoples opinions about what I'm talking about!


I updated my about me page and made a gif! I also linked Girlfriend is better because i forgot to.


I made a page about Red Dead Redemption! I also added a scrollbar!! it's not the nicest but it's something!


I updated some of my pages and made new themes! I also started making my own gifs and headers, one or two headers are blank rn! sorry!


I started a journal! I also added some new buttons and blinkies


I made a header for my journal! I also updated the header for my video game talk page.


I made a header for my about me page, I updated the layout for my journal page, I think that's about it, I haven't really posted anything about updates in a lil bit sorry ;;


I added some gifs to other pages so they don't look boring, I also made a Bayonetta 1 page! I had just finished the game recently it was really good.


I made a header for my art page! I also updated the theme, I didn't dig the last one. Also working on some new gifs and adding more buttons and blinkies to the site!


I'm adding updates, slowly. I updated my avater on my AB page! I have black hair now!

☆☆☆Future Plans!☆☆☆

Hopefully add a custom scrollbar.I want to add a guestbook, and some other pages for different things. I also want to add gifs on the sides of my pages idk how i'll do that I got quite a lot going on with my code

I want to add a custom cursor? idk it sounds cool. Also starting to draw my own headers! I feel bad using gifs and screenshots from video games idk why

I want to somehow add music too, I'd like to update my journal page regulary(idk how to spell), I should really slow down and work on my other pages.

I want to work on my themes a little more and make them more funky and lively

I want to make more gifs and headers for my site, i might even add a graphics page soon

I'm working on headers, backgrounds and gifs first, then maybe a graphics page.

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