Bayonetta 1 was a blast to play! Every bit of it was fun, I loved the puzzles and the adventuring. I loved how every second wasn't spent fighting monsters, which is really commmon in hack and slash games.

Bayonettas start was certainly a start, I didn't expect to be ambushed during a lore sequence, it was hard to focus on the lore between Umbra witches and Light sages, but in the end I understood it. Thankfully there were journals and characters who went over the history between the two.The lore between Paradiso, Inferno, and Purgitoreo was great, I really liked how all three sides were morally grey. I liked how the Umbra witches and the Light sages looked over history, and how both sides thought the world would plunge into madness if a Light sage and an Umbra witch had a child together. The lore was pretty damn solid I thought, I usually look for games with good lore but it's not a priority, what matters is that I have fun. Bayonetta was a really interesting character, I liked how she held herself and I loved her confidence. You can really tell she takes pride in herself and she respects herself. I could go on and on about her honestly, she's so cool.

The gameplay was pretty alright, some buttons were confusing and some moves were hard to pull off, also the trinkets you could buy for special affects had insane prices. I bought Serene's light and that was it. Some moves were hard to pull off but that's probably because I am dumb and couldn't do them. Overall it was a pretty solid game and I'd really like to play Bayonetta 2.